Creating Harmony in your Relationships

Let go of people pleasing tendencies and learn to listen to your inner guidance so that you can create fulfilling and abundant relationships.

What you will learn

How to forgive yourself and others and be truly free to be who you are meant to be.

Energy Healing is a powerful tool to help us forgive the past and step forward with a new view of life and those around us. During this training you will be guided through a special healing meditation to create harmony in your relationships and life.

How to use the Law of Projection/Reflection to heal all relationships.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. When we turn our attention inwards and heal that within us that is showing up in our outer world, we become free of triggers and annoyances in our relationships with others and can come to a place of deeper understanding and compassion.

How to focus your energy on your needs and let go of people pleasing.

The challenge in so many relationships arises from the need for approval from others. We often feel guilty or ashamed of doing what feels right for us rather than what we think we "should" do. Learn some great insights and tools for healing people pleasing.

This will be a live training happening using zoom on Tuesday, February 27th @ 1pm EST

Hello and Welcome!

As an Energy Healer and Self-Care & Empowerment Coach I help others to listen to their bodies and inner guidance so that they can know what is best for themselves and their lives.

I would love to personally invite you to this special online training where I will share with you some of my favourite self-care and healing tools tools to help you let go of people pleasing and create harmony in your relationships.

Watch the video below for my message.

Yours in health and wellbeing,

Catherine xo

Transform your relationships and your life!

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